Try our Discovery of new active substances for the development of medicinal cosmetics

We also screened databases, including natural chemicals derived from plants. These are substances mainly from traditional Chinese and Indian medicine ...

Medicinal Cosmetic Development

Lead optimization of selected molecule

$ 8 999 * per project
  • * + part of IP
  • in vitro test not included
  • Using Traditional in silico
  • Using power of AI
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The real science and cosmetics are joined in one solution now. Our cosmetic products are:

Opening of new unique substances as a key component of the finished product.

Opening a new unique substance, a molecule which can be active and major component of the finished product requested by the customer effect. This substance can be based on natural products and can be obtained from them, but it makes the process more difficult and expensive.

We offer only new unique substances that can be patented, tested and put into new innovative medicinal cosmetics.

All substances are accompanied by appropriate certificates of business based on only carried out by foreign companies testing. This enables customers to easily patented their first product and obtaining permission to perform follow-up studies, if necessary.

Optimization found a new substance as a major component of the finished product.

Optimizing originally found active agent is binding process, particularly where the substance can not be obtained naturally, ie Natural product. Even in this case, optimization leads to significant reduction in production costs.

This is a complex process in which a particular molecule that is found to be active and thus benefits or addressing in particular physiological process is subject to change its structure to increase its activities and remove any potential toxic effects .